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“Over 250,000 school-age Syrian children registered in Lebanon are not enrolled in formal education.”        Human Rights Watch

In Lebanon currently, there is an entire generation of Syrian children that will eventually mature into adults that have never received even a first-grade education.

  • There will be almost no job availability and no chance of supporting a family for them as they will be at an extreme disadvantage in such a demanding society.

This is due to the surmounting odds against  Syrian families due to the overloaded Lebanese public school system and the burdensome residency requirements.

In order to help bridge this educational gap, BBHope has committed to ensuring a rich educational experience, as well as tools for a brighter future for as many of these children as possible.

Not only is education a primary function of our organization, but we strive to introduce each child to Jesus Christ, a true friend they can call upon at any moment in life.

“We want to educate these children living in Beirut and help them build A Bridge of Hope to a brighter future!” – April Azar

– Toufic and April Azar

Founders of Beirut Bridge Of Hope

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