Beirut Bridge of Hope is a project of Apostolics of Beirut Church.  Our non-profit organization has received official governmental recognition from the Lebanese Republic, as well as licensing to carry out a full range of impactful services and functions. Included in these services is the provision of a tailored educational experience to underprivileged students of various backgrounds, as well as a periodic distribution of food to suffering neighborhood families. BBHope endeavors to gather qualified staff, as well as volunteer members who are purpose-driven for the same great cause and mission of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Organizational Goals:

  1. We are actively involved in granting a gratuitous education to children ages 6-14 coming from underprivileged families within our community.
  2.  We purpose to teach each child how to speak, read and write in English. In addition, we also provide Arabic writing lessons, Mathematics, as well as History.
  3. Each month, Project5000ME strives to help sustain a number of undernourished families through distribution of food boxes.

Our Vision is to equip these children with tools of hope to enable them to build their bridge to a better future! We actively encourage growth in the lives of families and children through periodic social visits, assistance in food, as well as meeting various educational and spiritual needs.

If you wish to support BBHOPE in helping these families and reaching these goals, join us by clicking here to partner with us!